Olio di Penne - our olive oil

Olio di Penne is a high quality, organic, extra virgin olive oil that comes from a single estate near Penne - in the Abruzzo region of Italy - nestled in the foothills of the Gran Sasso mountains.


Produced from Castiglionese olives, noted for their low acidity and ideal for pressing into a fruity, aromatic, spicy, and distinctly bitter oil, rich in polyphenols, vitamins and Omega 3. The olives are harvested in their prime, just as the fruit darkens, to produce an oil of exceptional quality.


This is an oil that bears little resemblance to what you will typically find in a supermarket.


The oil is “milled” with one cold mechanical extraction and without the application of any heat. Great care is taken to ensure that the olives are pressed immediately after harvesting to avoid oxidation and to retain the pure flavour of the castiglionese olives. 


We have 500 ancient trees on a small farm of some 25 acres. 

The olives will be harvested in late-October 2020 and brought back to the UK in the first week of November, 2020. 


Olio di Penne

The Farmers


Pete Smith

"The first time I visited San Giorgio I fell in love with the place...I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to farm the land and produce such wonderful olive oil." 


Stephen Hughes

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It's been 13 years since we started Olio di Penne; the harvest is back-breaking work, but utterly worth it when the end product is this good."