Eating out near Casa del Colle

One of the great pleasures of staying in the area is the abundance of good restaurants that serve excellent local food at prices that are very accessible. This is not a touristic part of Italy (and creates much of what I love about the area) and some restaurants will not have a menu - and those that do might not necessarily have a price list. You should budget for around 15- 20 euros or so per head, which will include the local wine. If you have a lot of meat or have something other than the house carafe then expect to pay in the region of 30 euros per head. Most of the restaurants listed here are simpler affairs but I have included a few at the top end where the price will be more. Food in Italy generally, and in rural areas such as this in particular, is local and seasonal. You eat what is plentiful at the time. Restaurants are genuinely flexible. They are happy to do what you want, particularly with children. If your child wants a bowl of pasta with just cheese or a simple tomato sauce then just ask – it will not be considered odd or a problem. Most restaurants will not ask you for a time if you book – for the simple reason that the table is yours for the night. You do not need to tip but you may want to round up the bill to an even number. The locals will usually pay their bills at the counter but you can choose just as easily to pay at the table.


Booking is advisable Friday and Saturday. We are really very happy to book for you – just ring us or e mail us, with a bit of notice if possible (but telephone numbers are below if you are happy to do so yourself). English is not commonly spoken but everyone will be very patient and communication will not be difficult. If you do want to go somewhere with staff who speak English then try La Bilancia, or Cignale (see below).

Italian restaurants tend to serve either meat (inland and in the mountains) or sea food (if they are near the sea). Unless I have indicated otherwise those on the list serve meat, generally cooked simply on the grill. Although the menu (whether written or not) will follow the standard approach of antipasto, primo and secondo, they are happy for you to pick and mix and have only one course or all three. Some will have antipasto that are a meal in themselves (see Font d’Artana). If you like little nibbles to start with ask for the antipasto and leave your selection of anything else until later. They really don’t mind. Italians in such rural areas are slightly puzzled by vegetarians but it is easy with antipasto and pasta to eat well – but if you do search for a vegetarian inspired menu then you may find that you are either disappointed or end up eating more grilled cheese than you would really want. Instead be creative with the wide and excellent variety of non-meat ingredients.


Lastly Italians do tend to eat late. Restaurants will be open (probably) from 7.30 but they will not fill up until much later. It is not unusual to have customers arrive at 10.00 or later.


Many restaurants are closed on Mondays.


 Pizzeria Stefano (900 metres, 15 minutes by foot)

Contrada Conaprato, 32B, 65017 Penne PE, Italy

Tel: 085 8270046

Closed Monday


At the bottom of the hill. Within walking distance (but uphill on your return!). Cheap, great value and really good pizzas (and they will do take away) but the menu is limited. Can get pretty busy at weekends when it is a good idea to book but the turnover is fast so if you haven’t booked Stefano will almost certainly fit you in  but you may have to wait. Apart from Pizzas, Stefano also does arrosoticini – mutton kebabs that are a speciality of the region. Do try them. For dessert ask for "Tartufo nero affogatto con amaro" – chocolate ice cream smothered in the local digestivo. The combination may seem odd but is excellent. 

Bar Centrale (5km, 10 minutes)

Piazza Luca da Penne, 1, 65017 Penne PE, Italy

This has always been our centre of gravity in the town, the place for all meetings. Coffee anytime or go for an early apperitivo.


Tatobbe (5km, 10 minutes)

Corso Alessandrini, 371, 65017

+39 085 821 3293


Restaurant and pizzeria. Take a right if you were leaving Bar Centrale in the main square. Good atmosphere and wide choice of food. For some reason not my favourite (maybe too much the foodie) but don’t let that stop you. Easy place to eat as a family. Closed Monday and Tuesday

Il Chicco Verde (5km, 10 minutes)

1, Via Trasmundi

380 2179571 085 8278818

Take the road just before the town petrol station up towards the Duomo. It is 100 metres on the right. The owner speaks good English and runs a B&B in the town next to the Bar Centrale. Recently opened and seems a pleasant (if perhaps uninspiring) trattoria that does a wide variety of local dishes including arrositicini and pizzas in the evening.

Surrounding Area

Font d'Artana (13km, 20 minutes)

Piazza Duca Abruzzi, 8, 65010 Picciano PE

Tel:  +39 085 828 5451


This is one of our favourites. Worth the journey (and sit outside in the summer). Menu changes daily but try the antipasto – and then wait until you have eaten it before you decide what else you want. Unless you are hungry you are probably ready for the desserts (but do go on to eat a pasta course and/or a meat dish if you can manage it).


La Bilancia (17km, 25 minutes)

Strada Provinciale 4, 65014 Passo Cordone PE

Tel: +39 085 828 9321

Closed Monday


Nice traditional restaurant which has the atmosphere of something from many decades past. A good place to sample one of the local pastas, Mugnaia, a rough hand rolled pasta a bit like pici that you might have had in Tuscany. If you want a feast of meat try the Fiorentina, a beef steak cooked on a hot plate. Booking unlikely to be necessary. Waitors speak English – one lived in Liverpool many years ago.


Osteria Villa Cupoli (7km, 10 minutes)

Bivio Cupoli 20, Farindola

Tel: 0858233381

Closed Monday

Simple trattoria that does good value local cuisine. They are particularly proud of their arrosticini. If you don't want a pizza and don't want to travel far this is a good choice.


I have listed Carmine in the fine dinning section of the guide below. In truth a quality meal here will cost you about 30 euros a head, so it is  indeed more expensive than the others listed here but if you want to eat fish then I suggest you head for Carmine and Christian, the owner and chef, will look after you very well. You could combine this with a trip to the winery I recommend, Marchesi di Cordano which is in the same general direction.


La Mugnaia (15km, 20 minutes)

Contrada Piano Di Sacco, 95, 65013 Citta' Sant'Angelo PE

Tel: +39 085 969 0371


Simple trattoria/pizzeria where you can eat for surprisingly little. Good pizzas but if you love your pasta try the "Tris" – three different pastas (gnocchi, mugnaia and ravioli). A carb cravers delight. I have never found the need to book.


Di Rocco (5km, 25 minutes)

Contrada Scannella Inferiore, 18, 65014 Loreto Aprutino PE

Tel: +39 085 8289179

Closed Tuesday


Fish restaurant.


Cignale (Agriturismo) (8km, 15 minutes)

Contrada Cignale, 4A, 65017 Penne PE

Tel: +39 085 821 0113


Massimo and Rita run a truly excellent agriturismo – coming back to their roots after 40 years in Milan. If you want to experience passion about food then pay a visit. It will be different, the quality of the food will be exceptional (if sometimes quite simple) and you will be entertained with a story about almost every dish. Massimo speaks good English.


Lu Strego (12km, 20 minutes)

Via del Colle, 65010 Farindola PE, Italy

Tel: +39 085 823104


Famous for their arrosticini – worth the trip. All that is good about simple regional cooking

Ristoro Mucciante (23km, 50 minutes)

Loc. Fonte Vetica, 67023 Castel del Monte AQ

Tel:+39 339 885 5751


A trip to the Campo Imperatore is a must and when you get there this is the place to eat. Try the arrostocini, (lamb kebabs cooked on a special brazier fashioned like a gutter pipe), or the sausages. You buy your meat from the butchers and cook it yourself on a BBQ that is provided by the shop. One part of the butchers sells the meat and the other the local wine, cheeses and bread. A simple meal but one fit for a king.

Fine Dining 

Below are a few restaurants that are at the higher end of the price scale, ones that are listed in the Italian guide booked such as  Gambero Rosso (a copy of which is in the house). Expect to pay more like 40-50 euros a head, possibly more with wine.


Carmine (17km, 30 minutes)

Contrada Re Martello 1, 65014 Loreto Aprutino PE

Tel: +39 085 820 8553

Closed Monday lunch and Tuesday


Excellent fish restaurant


Il Ritrovo D'Abruzzo (18km, 30 minutes)

 Contrada Bosco, 16, 65010 Civitella Casanova PE

Tel: +39 085 846 0019

Closed Monday lunch and Tuesday


Very pleasant family run restaurant with a twist on the traditional cooking. If you want fine dining at a reasonable price then this is for you. They specialise in Baccala (salt cod) – do try it.


La Bandiera (23km, 40 minutes)

Contrada Pastine, 4, 65010 Civitella Casanova PE

Tel:+39 085 845219

Closed Sunday evening and Tuesday


High class eatery with prices to match. Service of a style more in keeping with France. A place to impress, but not on a budget


Taverna 58 (36km, 50 minutes)

Corso Gabriele Manthone, 46, 65127 Pescara PE

Tel: +39 085 690724

Closed Saturday lunch and Sunday


In a more bohemian part of the old town of Pescara, one of my favourites. Fish restaurant that is worth the trip  if you are in town. Great atmosphere and not nearly as expensive as you might think.


By the sea

Al Vecchio Teatro (60km, 1 hour 10 minutes)

Corso Garibaldi, 35, 66026 Ortona CH, Italy

Tel: 085 9064495

Mara and Pepe

Via Roma 457, 64028, Silvi Marina


If you follow the suggestion to go to Silvi Marina for a day by the sea and are looking for somewhere to eat then this simple trattoria, much loved by locals, might not be in the most salubrious location but it is only a few hundred metres from the sea and is exceptional value at around 15 euros for the set meal at lunch, including wine.


Trabocco Pesche Colombo

SS16 Adriatica Fossacesia(Ch)

Tel: 333 3055300


A bit of a journey but if you fancy a trip down the coast then there is a section of the seaside past Ortona that is known as the Trabocchi Coast – an area lightly scattered, every so often, with a trabocco: what look like wooden insects, jutting right out into the sea. Unique, quaint and interesting. They are in fact ancient fishing machines, built out of logs, many of which have now been converted into restaurants with stunning views; and of course being built out to sea you eat on top of the water. This is one of the best. Not the cheapest restaurant in the area by a long way but for 50 euros a head (inclusive of everything, including wine) you will have a unique experience and eat some great fish. Combine this with a day at the sea, although it will be a late arrival back at the villa! Lastly just to say that the entrance to the parking area is not easy to find. It is signposted so just go slowly!

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